Frequently Asked Questions

What is your specialty/focus

Large Game – Red Stags, Bull Thar, Fallow Bucks, Sambar Stags, Sika Stags, Whitetail Bucks, Boar, Chamois, Goat, Wild Sheep and more

When are my trophies going to be completed?

At All Over Taxidermy, we prioritize the order of our work based on when we receive the deposit for your trophy. While we’ve established the following timeframes as a guideline for the maximum expected completion time, we often delight our clients with a finished product well ahead of schedule:

  • Mounted Trophies: Up to 1 year
  • Skull Only and Expediting Services: Up to 6 months

Rest assured, we are committed to delivering your trophies with craftsmanship and speed

Do you offer bulk/multiple discounts?

At All Over Taxidermy, our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality taxidermy craftsmanship. Each mounted specimen is a work of art, entirely handcrafted from beginning to end. We meticulously hand-sculpt, engineer, assemble, and paint using only the finest materials. True quality requires time, reflecting the essence of custom-made art. Our focus is on delivering excellence, not expedience or volume production. As such, while discounts are not feasible, the guarantee of superior quality is our promise to you.

Can you ship to my door?

When importing game trophies into the United States, it is mandatory for them to be inspected by the US Fish & Wildlife Service at a designated Port of Entry. Similar requirements are also in effect for various other countries, which precludes the option of door-to-door delivery for game trophies. For further details on these regulations and to understand the process better, please see here.