Trophy expediting

Welcome to the premier service for international trophy expediting from New Zealand. For hunters who have been successful in the field, we provide a seamless preparation and documentation service to send your trophies to your chosen taxidermist.

Our meticulous process ensures your skins are expertly fleshed, turned, salted, and dried. Skulls and bones receive thorough care, including boiling, cleaning, and a peroxide treatment to meet international standards.

In addition to our standard preparation services, we also offer the option to have your skins tanned, shaved, and dried on-site. Opting for this service means your taxidermist will need to rehydrate the skin prior to mounting, which introduces an additional step in the preparation process. We typically only recommend this option for shipments heading to countries with rigorous biosecurity protocols, like Australia, to facilitate a smooth customs clearance and entry process.

Our commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness is reflected in our custom-built crates, tailored to the exact dimensions of your trophies, ensuring that the size and resulting shipping costs are kept to a minimum. For deer trophies intended for shoulder mounts, we cut the skull cap to allow the antlers to fit into a more compact space, optimising the crate size further.

Please be aware of the following as you consider our services:

  • Our prices exclude Goods and Services Tax (GST) and are subject to change based on standard estimates for trophies of mature size. GST only applies to NZ customers.
  • We handle your trophies with the greatest care; however, please note that certain external factors, such as hair slip at bullet entry points and initial field care, may influence the final outcome and are outside our control.
  • For international dispatch, we strictly use our chosen freight forwarding partner to ensure compliance and efficiency.
  • Your trophies will be securely packed in robust timber crates designed to meet all international export regulations.

For our clients sending trophies to the USA:

  • The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service must inspect all game trophy imports at an authorized port of entry.
  • A customs broker is strongly recommended to facilitate clearance of your trophies upon arrival. Should you need guidance, we can advise on this process.
  • Regulations stipulate that each shipment must contain trophies from only one hunter to ensure compliance with customs.

Trust in our expertise to bring your hunting achievements home, wherever that may be.

Trophy expediting pricelist