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red stag taxidermy shoulder mount drop tines
Red Stag Taxidermy Wall Pedestal mount with ears back
white fallow buck taxidermy wall pedestal upright
Goat shoulder mount taxidermy
Red Stag Taxidermy Mount Straight
Bull tahr taxidermy full body life size group

Professional New Zealand taxidermist services

We turn hunting trophies into lasting memories with top-quality, respectful craftsmanship.

Welcome to All Over Taxidermy, your premier taxidermy destination nestled in the heart of Tarras, Otago, New Zealand. At the helm is Oliver Garland, specializing in transforming your once-in-a-lifetime big game hunts into stunning displays of artistry and natural wonder. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a nature enthusiast, All Over Taxidermy is where your memories of the wild are preserved for generations to admire.