About All Over Taxidermy

Welcome to All Over Taxidermy, where the reverence for wildlife meets the artistry of preservation, located in the beautiful Tarras, Otago. I am Oliver Garland, the proud owner of All Over Taxidermy, specializing in the taxidermy of all mammals and dedicated to bringing your cherished memories to life through meticulous and enduring mounts

Founder and lead taxidermist: Oliver Garland

With hundreds of satisfied clients to date, my journey in taxidermy has been as enriching as it has been enlightening. Each mount is not merely a project but a narrative of nature’s marvels, crafted with the utmost precision and care.

Oliver Garland taxidermist

Holding a Bachelor of Science with a major in Zoology, my academic background has endowed me with an in-depth understanding of animal anatomy and behavior. This knowledge is not just academic; it is the cornerstone of my ability to recreate lifelike poses that capture the essence of the animal’s spirit and the memories it holds for my clients.

The focus of my work is not just to create; it is to perfect. The mounts I produce are more than just displays; they are timeless tributes to experiences that deserve to be immortalized. My commitment is to excellence—to ensure that every piece from All Over Taxidermy stands as a testament to a moment, a memory, and the mastery of taxidermy art that lasts a lifetime.